Soul Shard Captor

~ Vote for the arcs you want me to write first ~

Arcs? What?

As you know, Soul Shard Captor is a world-hopping story in which our darling Noah transmigrates into a new world every volume. Every volume is a new life – a new arc with totally different characters and settings from the previous arcs.

Here you can see the ideas for future arcs and let me know which ones you are looking forward to the most. When deciding what arc to write next, I will take into account your votes and prioritize writing arcs that have a higher number of votes.

(If arc titles don’t take the form of “(person’s name) the (something)”, it means it is a temporary title, a code name of sorts. The actual volume/book won’t be called like that.)

Want to request I write something else?

Do you have a specific setting you want me to write into an arc? A story idea? A kink that you’d like me to turn into steamy smut? Something you really want to read about?

I’d love to hear it! Hop over to our Discord server and you can let me know about your idea as well as discuss it with others in the Suggestions channel.

Or you can wait for me to create a dedicated page for that on my site. It’s on my todo list.

How to vote:

  1. Scroll to the comments section of this page. I’ve left the arcs as comments. (You might need to wait a few seconds for the comments to load.)
  2. Read through the arc descriptions and press the like button (πŸ‘) on the arcs you especially want to read. (It might take a few seconds for the vote count to update.)
  3. Don’t go and give your vote to every arc! That’s the same as not voting for any.

If your vote refuses to register, it’s probably because you or someone connected to the same network already voted. It remembers guest votes by IP.

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