Can I mix Tapas Ink and ko-fi donations?

Yes. Both Ink and $ donations are converted to :pandoras: Pandoras and added to your account. If you don’t manage to earn the required amount of Tapas Ink for free, it is actually a good idea to make up the missing amount with a ko-fi donation. Once you click on a locked chapter, it will tell you how much money/Ink you are missing to unlock it.

How many chapters and volumes will Soul Shard Captor have?

1 arc = 1 world = 1 volume =~ 120 – 200 chapters

I hope to write at least 14 different arcs. You can see some of the arcs that I am considering writing on the Vote for Arcs page. As for how many arcs I’ll end up writing out, it depends on you – readers and your support. If you continue to support me so I can make a living writing SSC, then I’ll continue writing even beyond the list of arc ideas you see now. (I’ve got many more arc ideas in my notebook.) And if I can’t feed my family with SSC, well, then I’ll have to prioritize working on things that put my bread on the table.

How to access locked chapters after donating?

  1. Register an account
    During registration, you will be asked the details about your donation, such as your Paypal email used to support me or Tapas username that you used to send me Ink. You can also always change/add these details later in Account->Donation Status
  2. Activate your account
    After registration, you will be sent an activation email. (If you can’t find it, check your spam folder.) Click on the activation button inside the email. (Don’t worry if you get an error telling you “This activation link is expired or have already been used.” Your account should have still gotten activated.)
  3. Log in
    Once your account is successfully activated, you will be able to log in (you can log in through the main menu “For Supporters-> Log In”). If you have issues activating your account and can’t log in, contact me.
  4. If you have donated in the last 48 hourswait for your donation to appear in your account. Since donations are done through an external platform (Tapas/Ko-fi), they are not automatically linked to my site. I will have to add your donation details manually to the system which might take up to 48h.
    If you have donated more than 48h ago – there is a high chance you should already have access to your donations as soon as you activate your account, but it can also take up to 48h from the moment you registered the account for the donations to appear in your account.
  5. Read~ If your total donation amount is high enough (6$ or 7,000 Ink for the first volume of SSC), you’ll be able to view locked SSC chapters and extras from then onwards. Just head over to the novel page, view the table of contents and choose the chapter you want to read.

I just left a comment, but it isn’t showing in the list of comments! Why??

If this is your first time leaving a comment, then the reason why your comment disappeared is because it is held in for moderation. It won’t appear on the list of comments until it is approved by the moderators. You didn’t do anything wrong – this is an automatic process meant to lessen spam. Once your first comment is approved, your future comments won’t be held in for moderation and will immediately appear on the list of comments.

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Is the needed donation a one time donation or do I have to keep donating?

Your donations all go into your LucyPanDora account where you can then spend them in the future. These funds can then be used to buy yourself an ebook copy of my novels. Once you choose to spend it to secure a copy, from then onwards, you’ll gain permanent access to all chapters of that specific novel including extras only available in the published version of the novel. So yes, it is a one-time donation, but each book/volume needs its own payment.

Is there a way I can be notified when you publish a new chapter? (A.k.a. How to receive new chapter notifications)

Yes! Subscribe to receive push notifications on the novel you are interested in and you will receive instant notifications whenever a new chapter is published. Here is how:

  1. Log In (Only users that are logged in can see the subscribe option.)
  2. Go to the novel detail page of the novel for which you want to receive new chapter notifications.
  3. Find the “Subscribe to Notifications” button and click on it. If nothing happens, click it again… Ahem, I still haven’t worked out all the kinks… (; 3 )~
  4. If you’ve already subscribed to push notifications on my site once before, then you don’t need to do anything further.
    If it is your first time subscribing, your browser will ask you if you wish to allow my site to send you push notifications. Of course, click Allow:

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  5. Congratulations. The next time a chapter is published you will receive a notification on your device:

    You can then just click on the notification to open the chapter up in your browser. (Click on the notification itself, not the close button XD)

What are published-version-only extras?

Published-version-only means that it is content that only those who bought my novel will be able to read. This content won’t be available on Web Novel reading platforms such as Webnovel, Flying Lines, Radish, etc. The only way to gain access to it is by buying the print or ebook versions of my novel (or by donating to me because you are basically buying a copy through your donations).

What extras will be available in the published version of Soul Shard Captor?

This list is bound to change, so take it with a grain of salt.

Scenes from Noah’s and Levi’s married life:

  • Opening wedding gifts – Levi and Noah open their wedding gifts and find hilarious and unexpected surprises
  • Honeymoon – Levi and Noah go on their honeymoon. Lots of fluff and smut.
  • Dolphin play – Levi finally gets to do his little wife how he wanted to ever since the two rode dolphins that one day
  • Office redecorating – Astar Levi had been in an awfully good mood lately, and a little birdie by the name of Blackie tells Noah that this is because he got his office redecorated recently and is very happy with the changes. But what kind of changes could influence the mood of this wolf so drastically?
  • Espionage – Levi suspects his baby is spying on him and turns his office and workers upside down looking for incriminating evidence of his little wife’s crimes so he could cash it in for… benefits.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Love Rival List – one day, Noah finds a very suspicious name list in Levi’s study…
  • The strawberry incident – Noah’s ravenous wolf of a husband had suddenly turned “vegetarian”. There must be something very suspicious going on. (_)
  • Friends night out – Case takes Noah (and his shadow, Levi) out to have fun. Yet this night is full of ups and downs, vinegar, and finally… heh, time to unpack that cat tail plug, mn?
  • Holiday family gathering – some years later, Cordias and Astars gather for holidays for a family meal. Through this extra, we can tell the family dynamic, and how the in-laws are treating Noah and Levi, as well as each other.
  • A day in the life of Noah’s and Levi’s son – meant to introduce you to the two’s offspring and how his appearance impacted everyone

The extras will also include:

  • conclusions to ALL the side characters, telling a story about how they got together with their significant other (and might also include smut between the side characters if I feel like writing it.)
  • an extra about what would have happened if Noah didn’t transmigrate over
  • An extra about what happened to the original Aris after Noah replaced him

What is the current status of Soul Shard Captor? Are you still writing it? When will it be finished?

Soul Shard Captor is on temporary hiatus until Lucy’s personal life issues are resolved (mainly lack of free time due to lack of money). However, Lucy still thinks about her darlings, Noah and Levi, all the time, and is very excited about the goodies she has in store for the future. It is hard to say when SSC will be finished. After Lucy starts writing it again, it might take a couple of months for it to be done, however, at this point, it is hard to say when Lucy will be able to allocate enough free time regularly to work on it. As things stand, if we are lucky, SSC Vol 1 might come out in 2025. If not, it might take longer, 2026 or even 2027. So let’s all pray for Lucy to have great monetary fortune so she can get back to writing.

What is your other pen name?

So you’ve heard that Lucy Pan Dora isn’t my only pen name? Yeah, this pen name is more casual in nature, made for purposes of publishing erotic/explicit gay and straight romance novels. The books on my other pen name, on the other hand, while also having romance in them are more focused on the comedy, plot, and world-building while the romance is more of a slow burn subplot.

Now, I know what you are thinking, you want to read my other stuff too, right? That’s why you are here, trying to find out my other pen name, right?


Alas, sorry to disappoint you. For many, many reasons I wish to keep my two pen names separate. The most notable of which is the fact that… my loyal little minions from the other side will slaughter me if they realize I ran away to write BL. *sweating*

(“Why are you not working on those books you promised us?!?” ψ(╬`∇´)ψ )

There is also the whole family and friends thing, I don’t want my kid to have conversations in school such as “Oh, so your mom makes a living by writing gay porn?”

Or when my mom asks me “What kind of books do you write?”, I wanna go “Epic fantasy! You know, like Harry Potter, Lords of the Rings and stuff like that.” instead of “Uuuh… explicit… gay… romance…”
(; ゚ 3゚ )~♪

I, also, don’t want to have people I know go read the smut and be like “Oooh, so that’s what you are into…”  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Having my husband read my BL is already something I am dying out of embarrassment over. He had to badger me for a long time before I acquiesced to let him read it.

Basically, I want to write whatever I want to write without having to censure myself or think about how that would affect my life or the way people view me. That’s why I have these two pen names.

But well, someone is bound to figure it out at some point. My writing style is easy to spot, and nowadays there is even software that can perform analysis to identify what was written by whom. So, it is just a matter of time before the truth comes to light.

Thus, how about this, if you wish to be the first to know about my other pen name and the books on there, leave your email in the subscription box. If and when my other pen name becomes publicly known I’ll send all of my subscribers an email letting them know about it.

P.S. …It’ll actually be better for you if you find about it a bit later, you know how much of a scum I am when it comes to cliffhangers and misleading titles, the guys from the other side are currently camping in the bushes, waiting to strangle me for leaving them hanging. 😅 And they might be hanging for a long time because I am currently working on SSC.

What’s the difference between BG and BL versions of the novel? And which one should I read?

In the BG version of the novel, the protagonist is a girl. In the BL version, the protagonist is a boy. Thus, romance in BG version is boy x girl, while in BL it is boy x boy.

If you like reading gay romance novels or are into LGBT then I would suggest you read the BL version as it is the original version. And if male on male stuff is really not your cup of tea, then go read the BG version.

So BG version is an adaptation and BL is the original?

Technically yes. Though it has been nearly completely rewritten – it isn’t just changing names and pronouns. Character settings, circumstances, dialogues, thoughts, and feelings, everything that a gender swap would have even a tiny influence on had been rewritten. Of course, that includes the smut. Smut had practically been completely written from scratch, because well, for obvious reasons of differing bodyparts. :P

In short, regardless of which version you read, you’ll still enjoy a finely crafted read without plot holes or BS. So don’t worry about which is the adaptation and which is the original and just read the one whose genre you prefer.

I like your work, should I read both versions then?

You can if you want to, but the overall plot has stayed the same so you’ll probably feel like you are rereading the same book you’ve read a few months back. Though it might prove to be an interesting experience to read the same story from a gender-swapped perspective. If you intend to reread SSC anyway, then reading a different version from the one you read last time might prove to be more enjoyable for you as it would be a fresher experience.

Where and when can I buy the ebook or print version of Soul Shard Captor?

All ko-fi supporters that donated at least 6$ or Tapas supporters who donated at least 7,000 Ink will be getting the ebook version sent to their email once it is published. They will also get early access to published-version-only extras as soon as they are written through their account on my site (this site).

If you cannot become a supporter or wish to wait to purchase the ebook or print version after they are published, I’d suggest you , join our discord channel or follow me on social media (Facebook, Twitter) so you will be notified when the mentioned books are available for preorder on Amazon. Do keep in mind that the preorder price is cheaper than the price after the book goes live, however, it is still a bit pricier than getting it as a supporter bonus.

As for when the published version will be available. I am not sure. Publishing is a time-consuming process that involves editing, design, typesetting, marketing, etc. But you probably won’t be able to get your hands on the published version until the end of 2021. However, if you are one of the supporters, the good news is that you don’t need to wait until the novel is published to read the extras. You’ll be able to read them as soon as I write them.

Also, a lot of the work that needs to be done for a book publish needs to be done by a third party so in that period I’ll be continuing to write my novels as normal and release them chapter by chapter as I am doing now. In other words, you won’t be deprived of your weekly dose of serotonin. (*°°*)

Where else can I read Soul Shard Captor?

Besides reading my work here, it is also available on other web novel reading platforms. I compiled a nice Platform Comparison for you to help you choose where to read my work. Keep in mind that the same chapters are locked on all platforms. Also, here is the only place where you will be able to read published-version-only extras.

Have another question?

Ask away!