I need your help to continue writing!

If I can’t earn enough money every month to feed my family, I won’t be able to continue working on my BL novels. What puts food on the table is king, and currently, my BL novels do not. If things remain this way, this poor saaad fujoshi will have no choice but to go back to writing my other, non-romance non-BL stuff. 😢

Every dollar helps in keeping me afloat and writing what you guys enjoy reading. If only 1 in 10 SSC readers donated just 1$ per month, it would be enough to keep me going for the foreseeable future!

Help secure your daily dose of fluff!

Here are even more reasons why I need your help:


I don't want to write short romance novels for a quick buck

My novels are 4-6 times longer than an average romance novel because I don't want to give you guys a quick fix of junk food but a full course meal. To give you guys the chance to follow the romance along, every step of the way. To show you exactly how the two went from strangers to sweethearts. And that means words, a lot of words. No fades into black, no time skips, no falling in love 'just because'.

Unfortunately, a longer novel means that it takes a long time for a finished book to hit the shelves. And during that time, I have no stable source of income.


I want to bring the best version of my novels to you

However, since I am self-publishing my novels (in order to retain my full creative freedom), it takes a lot of money to publish a novel. A high-quality publication needs a lot of work besides writing, such as professional editing, proofreading, typesetting, cover design, printing, etc. And all of that has to come out of my own pocket.

It takes years for an author to grow their author platform enough to make a comfortable living out of it

And this is under the assumption that they publish multiple books per year (which I currently don't and can't, so multiply that time by 2-4...) In short, my family can't wait so many years for me to gain a sustainable source of income!

I write in a niche genre of romance (BL/LGBT/Gay romance)...

...because I personally love it and want to share it with the world. However, because it is a niche genre, it doesn't have as many readers as other genres, which means that 'there are so many other readers, surely there will be someone else to pay for it' mindset won't work here. We, fujoshis and fudanshis, have to stand united!

I want to give you guys more goodies...

...such as professionally drawn character art or perhaps an audio version of the novel; even a visual novel game isn't out of the question. And isn't getting a manga/web comic version everyone's wet dream? And naturally, what determines whether I can do any of that or not is funding.

More humor, smut and fluff for everyone!

The more monetary support I receive, the more tasks in my life I can delegate to other people, and thus the more time I will be able to dedicate to writing, meaning you guys will have more stuff to read. This site is a perfect example of something that could have been delegated. The months that it took for me to make it could have been spent writing instead!

What's in it for you

Supporter-Only Benefits

Unlock all chapters of a volume permanently

Every one of my novels has a certain number of completely free chapters, while the rest are locked on all platforms, and while they can still be unlocked for free, unlocking them here gives you added benefits.

Daily chapter releases

With the added benefit of chapters being priced per word on other platforms, I have extra motivation to keep writing a lot every day, while at the same time, you, my biggest supporters, don't need to pay per word but can unlock everything in one go.

Access to Extra Content

Not all chapters and book content will be made available for everyone for free. There are many extras and several smut scenes available only in the published version of the novel. As long as your total support exceeds 6$ or 7,000 Ink, you too can permanently gain access to these extra goodies even before the novel is published.

Read Ahead

When I manage to accumulate a certain number of chapters, I will set up advanced reading for my supporters. Meaning that my supporters will be able to access chapters weeks before they are released to the general public.

Influence what I work on next

Every once in a while, supporters will be able to vote to decide what I should focus my attention on next. Be it the choice of the next SSC arc or the choice of what new novel I should work on other than SSC. I have many things in my notebook that I'd like to work on, and you could be the one to pick my next novel.

Bonus chapters for everyone

Since the author can dedicate more time to writing that means that a certain number of bonus chapters will be released every month (based on the total amount of support received that month), for both supporters and free readers.

Sneak peeks of upcoming stuff

As my super precious VIPs, supporters will get inside info on what's coming in the future ahead of everyone else. Be it new books, new decisions, or new opportunities.

Peace of mind

It's your support that can ensure that the series you love to read won't get dropped!

Read chapters at their source

Supporters will be able to read their chapters at my site, which is the only up to date place with typos fixed, as well as the only place where you can read my work ad-free in its full glory

Super awesome discord titles

If you decide to join our Pan Dora's Box Discord server in the future, you shall be a VIP with a vividly colored and fabulously named title.

Bragging rights

As a suppoter of LGBT rights and... fine arts... you deserve a pat on the back and respect for your refined taste in literature! 👍

Special shout-out in chapter author's note that everyone else can appreciate the wonderful person who is helping at keeping me going.

The author's endless love and gratitude

Yep, I am a simple person. Those who like me, I like back. 😘❤

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    If you are purchasing Ink instead of earning it for free, the amount of money you need to pay to gain the same benefits as other supporters is higher because both Tapas and the app stores take a cut. This is meant to be a last-ditch effort to give you guys an acceptable way to support in case you can’t use any other method.
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    Tapas website also accepts purchasing of Ink through credit cards and Paypal. But if you are going to use those two methods, you are better off supporting me through Patreon or Ko-fi because they also support them and are cheaper.
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How to access locked chapters after donating?

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  4. If you have donated in the last 48 hourswait for your donation to appear in your account. Since donations are done through an external platform (Tapas/Ko-fi), they are not automatically linked to my site. I will have to add your donation details manually to the system which might take up to 48h.
    If you have donated more than 48h ago – there is a high chance you should already have access to your donations as soon as you activate your account, but it can also take up to 48h from the moment you registered the account for the donations to appear in your account.
  5. Read~ If your total donation amount is high enough (6$ or 7,000 Ink for the first volume of SSC), you’ll be able to view locked SSC chapters and extras from then onwards. Just head over to the novel page, view the table of contents and choose the chapter you want to read.

Is this a one time donation or do I have to keep donating?

Your donations all go into your LucyPanDora account where you can then spend them in the future. These funds can then be used to buy yourself an ebook copy of my novels. Once you choose to spend it to secure a copy, from then onwards, you’ll gain permanent access to all chapters of that specific novel including extras only available in the published version of the novel. So yes, it is a one-time donation, but each book/volume needs its own payment.

Can I mix Tapas Ink and ko-fi donations?

Yes. Both Ink and $ donations are converted to :pandoras: Pandoras and added to your account. If you don’t manage to earn the required amount of Tapas Ink for free, it is actually a good idea to make up the missing amount with a ko-fi donation. Once you click on a locked chapter, it will tell you how much money/Ink you are missing to unlock it.

Where and when can I buy the ebook or print version of Soul Shard Captor?

All ko-fi supporters that donated at least 6$ or Tapas supporters who donated at least 7,000 Ink will be getting the ebook version sent to their email once it is published. They will also get early access to published-version-only extras as soon as they are written through their account on my site (this site).

If you cannot become a supporter or wish to wait to purchase the ebook or print version after they are published, I’d suggest you , join our discord channel or follow me on social media (Facebook, Twitter) so you will be notified when the mentioned books are available for preorder on Amazon. Do keep in mind that the preorder price is cheaper than the price after the book goes live, however, it is still a bit pricier than getting it as a supporter bonus.

As for when the published version will be available. I am not sure. Publishing is a time-consuming process that involves editing, design, typesetting, marketing, etc. But you probably won’t be able to get your hands on the published version until the end of 2021. However, if you are one of the supporters, the good news is that you don’t need to wait until the novel is published to read the extras. You’ll be able to read them as soon as I write them.

Also, a lot of the work that needs to be done for a book publish needs to be done by a third party so in that period I’ll be continuing to write my novels as normal and release them chapter by chapter as I am doing now. In other words, you won’t be deprived of your weekly dose of serotonin. (*°°*)

Where else can I read Soul Shard Captor?

Besides reading my work here, it is also available on other web novel reading platforms. I compiled a nice Platform Comparison for you to help you choose where to read my work. Keep in mind that the same chapters are locked on all platforms. Also, here is the only place where you will be able to read published-version-only extras.

What are published-version-only extras?

Published-version-only means that it is content that only those who bought my novel will be able to read. This content won’t be available on Web Novel reading platforms such as Webnovel, Flying Lines, Radish, etc. The only way to gain access to it is by buying the print or ebook versions of my novel (or by donating to me because you are basically buying a copy through your donations).

What extras will be available in the published version of Soul Shard Captor?

This list is bound to change, so take it with a grain of salt.

Scenes from Noah’s and Levi’s married life:

  • Opening wedding gifts – Levi and Noah open their wedding gifts and find hilarious and unexpected surprises
  • Honeymoon – Levi and Noah go on their honeymoon. Lots of fluff and smut.
  • Dolphin play – Levi finally gets to do his little wife how he wanted to ever since the two rode dolphins that one day
  • Office redecorating – Astar Levi had been in an awfully good mood lately, and a little birdie by the name of Blackie tells Noah that this is because he got his office redecorated recently and is very happy with the changes. But what kind of changes could influence the mood of this wolf so drastically?
  • Espionage – Levi suspects his baby is spying on him and turns his office and workers upside down looking for incriminating evidence of his little wife’s crimes so he could cash it in for… benefits.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Love Rival List – one day, Noah finds a very suspicious name list in Levi’s study…
  • The strawberry incident – Noah’s ravenous wolf of a husband had suddenly turned “vegetarian”. There must be something very suspicious going on. (_)
  • Friends night out – Case takes Noah (and his shadow, Levi) out to have fun. Yet this night is full of ups and downs, vinegar, and finally… heh, time to unpack that cat tail plug, mn?
  • Holiday family gathering – some years later, Cordias and Astars gather for holidays for a family meal. Through this extra, we can tell the family dynamic, and how the in-laws are treating Noah and Levi, as well as each other.
  • A day in the life of Noah’s and Levi’s son – meant to introduce you to the two’s offspring and how his appearance impacted everyone

The extras will also include:

  • conclusions to ALL the side characters, telling a story about how they got together with their significant other (and might also include smut between the side characters if I feel like writing it.)
  • an extra about what would have happened if Noah didn’t transmigrate over
  • An extra about what happened to the original Aris after Noah replaced him