Have you ever wondered...

What is the best place to read Soul Shard Captor? 🤔

Spoiler alert! Of course, it’s here! ✌

What’s that? Are you thinking, ‘duh, of course you’d say your site is the best!’

…Fine, don’t believe me. (¬з¬) See for yourself!

…Fine, don’t believe me. (¬з¬) See for yourself!

Platform Comparison

Tap / Hover over , or to see more info. Here Flying Lines Webnovel (via EMP) Good Novel
Read that as: Please clicky! I spent hours writing those tooltips! QAQ
Published-version only content

I intend to write many juicy and hillarious extras about the married life of our main couple in each of the worlds, as well as tying out any loose ends and narrating the fates of side characters.

These extras will be available in the published version of my novels, however, if you support me directly you can also read these extras here on my site.

Most up to date version with fixed mistakes and typos
Here is the only place where typoes and other mistakes are always fixed as soon as discovered. In other places, it is often inconvenient or downright impossible for me to go back and fix everything that needs fixing. However, if there is just one place I need to fix it in, then it becomes manageable.
Read locked chapters for free?
Chapters past a certain point are all locked on all platforms. However, all patforms have ways to unlock them for free.
Tapas Ink donations can be used to permanently unlock locked chapters of a volume on my site. However, while Tapas Ink can be earned for free, the availability of methods for earning it depend greatly on your device and location. Some might be able to earn a lot of Ink for free, while others might not be able to earn any.
Flying lines uses SP in-app currency to unlock chapters. SP can be earned for free every day by completing daily missions that include reading a certain number of minutes, "checking-in", writing reviews and comments, adding books to library, etc.
Webnovel allows users to use "free passes" to unlock chapters of any novel for free. Every day, readers can earn up to 3 free passes for "checking-in" and voting on novels.
GoodNovel uses coins in-app currency to unlock chapters. Coins can be earned for free every day by loging-in and reading a certain number of minutes.
Emoji (😂😱👍🤔)
Some platforms, due to their encoding of chapter text, might be unable to display emoji.
Kaomoji (☞゚∀゚)☞

As you know, I use funny kaomoji in my work for comedic effect, and the integral part of achieving the desired effect is using the right kaomoji at the right time. Which might not be possible if the platform doesn't support usage of certain kaomoji.

So far, only one platform limits the usage of kaomoji. However, while the other platforms do support kaomoji, depending on the font used on that platform, some kaomojis might end up looking wrong. Here, on lucypandora.com is the only place where you can view kaomoji within my work in their full glory. (☞゚∀゚)☞

Kaomoji at their best: no word wrapping or wrong font

As you surely noticed while reading my work on other platforms, word wrapping doesn't recognize the kaomoji as a word. Hence, all platforms suffer from the issue of kaomoji being broken up in the middle, with half of it ending up on the next line. Hehe, not here on lucypandora.com!

Not only do kaomoji here not break, but they are also always in their optimal form. This means that the fonts used to display them are just right so that kaomoji don't look awkward as they might look in other platforms whose fonts might not be appropriate for that specific kaomoji. (ノ*^o^)ノ*.☆゚・:*☆

Text formatting:
bold & italic

Character thoughts are written in italics, and though you can also tell them apart from dialogue by 'single quotes', italics are a nice touch.

Also, sometimes I want to especially emphasise a word so I bold it. However, some platforms don't support bold and italic formatting so those little things will be lost.

Text formatting:

Sometimes characters or even the narrator want to correct themselves because, whoopsie, they blurted out something they shouldn't have!

This is where crossing over words comes in handy. You still get to see what they originally intended to say AND their correction.

On platforms that don't support crossing over words, I tend to write their original words halfway and then interrupt it with the correction.

Centered Text

Doesn't sound that important, right? True. But coupled with inability to add headings or dividers, and suddenly you get this:

...blah blah blah.


And some more blah...

Author Note:

...not very nice, is it?

How nice would it be if I could include images alongside my text? You'd be able to see how the futuristic world Noah goes to looks like, or how someone's complicated ancient kimono or ornament looks like. Or I could show you the beautiful kitties and doggies and other animals Noah runs into. Also, memes. (¬◡¬)👍

As you know, I like interacting with you guys and asking for your opinion on things. And I share links with you, every once in a while, that will lead you to pages of my site where you can cast your votes. (In fact, it was you guys that chose the setting of SSCs second volume, the Anima arc! 👍)

Or I might give you a link to discord or my social networks that might be running some kind of promotion, ko-fi, patreon, or even the places where you will be able to buy my novels.

Unfortunately, most platforms don't support linking to stuff on the internet, so you'll have to type the link into your browser every time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Pretty Dividers

Are you thinking, "what are dividers and why should I care? 🤔" It's those three asterics you are used to seeing when there is a scene break in the chapter -> ***.

Or at least that's how I split scenes on the majority of platforms that don't have pretty dividers.

Hmph! Not here on my site! Here, we shall have pretty hearts!╰(*°▽°*)╯

Author Notes

Some platforms don't allow me to write author notes due to various reasons, so I won't be able to speak to you effectively. While others severely limit the allowed wordcount.

There is no way for me to leave author notes as of now because every word is counted when charging for the chapter. If I wish to tell you anything, I'm forced to leave it in the chapter comments where you are very likely to miss it.
There is no way for me to leave author notes as of now because every word is counted when charging for the chapter. If I wish to tell you anything, I'm forced to leave it in the chapter comments where you are very likely to miss it.
I can leave author notes but they are limited do 200 words.
"Footnotes" with author explanations
Sometimes this author uses terms, idioms, or meme references that might be unfamiliar to some people. "Footnotes" to the rescue! They open up as a tooltip for your convenience. Just like this tooltip you are reading right now.
Push Notifications
Instead of frantically refreshing SSC novel page to see whether a new chapter has been published, isn't it better to receive instant push notifications as soon as the chapter is released? A single ding, and you are one click away from being the first to read it!
Mobile App

There is a certain beauty about reading novels on a mobile app.

Things load much faster. You get push notifications of new releases straight to your overcrowded mobile notification bar...

Also, no need to open up yet another tab amongst the gazillion open tabs in your Chrome/Safari/Firefox...

(IE, "What about me? QAQ"
Lucy, "...face it. No one uses you, ah! ╮(╯▽╰)╭")

There are plans for making an app, but since I am the only developer here, it might take a long, long, long time for it to be done. Just look how long it took me to make this site! QAQ
Flying Lines does have a mobile app, but as of 22nd of March, 2021, chapter encoding is messed up on iOS so instead of getting chapter text, you get a bunch of jibberish. Thus, if you own an iPhone or an iPad, you won't be able to read SSC on Flying Lines app. This bug has been reported months ago, by multiple people, but they have yet to fix it.
Easily find my other work

I plan to write many more fluffy and funny and sexy goodies in the future for you to enjoy! So, reading my stuff on a platform that will make it easy to browse all of my work might be a good idea.

However, unfortunately, on most platforms, there is no way for you to view the list of my work or find my work unless you know its name.

Isn't it nice when you can just upvote comments you agree with, like or find hilarious? And then when you read the chapter, you can see the best comments first?
GIF Reactions
And now let us look at the most important thing of them all... GIF reactions! Come on! Who doesn't love gif reactions? Woohoo! Yeah!
Comments: Inline/Paragraph Comments
Isn't it just beautiful when you can spit out spicy comebacks on every single paragraph? When you can leave gif reactions at exact moment something happens? When you can directly respond to a question asked? Oh the beauty of paragraph comments!
I'm working on bringing you paragraph comments. They are currently in the testing and polishing phase. A few more kinks left to work out before you can have them here on lucypandora.com too. 🥳
Comments: Editing of posted comments

Who hasn't ever posted a comment only to realize there is a typo in it? Who hasn't posted a question only to be told the answer a few paragraphs down?

Yeah. Wouldn't it be nice if you could edit your comments or even delete them? 🤔

On lucypandora.com you can always come back and edit your comment – unless it has already been replied to. We don't want people deleting or changing their statements after sparking a discussion with their comments. How frustrating is it to see a comment that has been upvoted to the top say "this comment has been deleted by the original author"? (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
Author Guaranteed to see them
I love reading your comments. Which is why I check my "new comment" notifications every day. Unfortunatelly, not all platforms have those. There are certain platforms where I don't receive any notifications and thus will probably not see your comment unless it has been left on the newest chapter within 48 hours of its release. 😢
Large & Active Reader Community

Isn't it nice when there are a lot of comments left on a chapter that you can enjoy after finishing it? Isn't it nice when you stumble upon a hilarious paragraph comment on something written in the chapter? Isn't it wonderful when you come up with a funny come back and receive a bunch of likes from your fellow readers?

Well, to have that kind of thing the novel needs a large and active reader community. SSC has it on some sites, while on others it's like the Sahara desert, void of all life.

At the time of writing this, the reading part of my site wasn't even available to you guys, so I can't claim that this site has an active reader community. However, give it a few months (or years? 🤔) and I'm sure a lot of wonderful and vocal readers will be hanging around here, waiting for their daily doze of fluff. ╰(*°▽°*)╯
Day / Night Mode

Some of us like to read our novels with a light background, and some like it... darker. (≖‿≖)

It is on my to-do list, but its priority is low right now. If this feature is important to you, let me know so I can bump it up the ladder.
Font Size +/-

More options is always better than less, right? Everyone feels better with that +- button, am I right?

It is on my to-do list, but its priority is low right now. If this feature is important to you, let me know so I can bump it up the ladder.

* This list was last updated on the 2nd of June, 2021. If you notice that something on it is no longer accurate, please let me know so I can correct it.

** This list does not include completely free platforms (such as Scribble Hub or Chrysanthemum Garden) because they are not a viable option to continue reading my work. Only the first several dozen "free-forever" chapters are hosted there, and not any of the future "locked" chapters.

Is there a feature that's important to you which is not available on my site yet?