Chapter 202

🔞🔞Nooo~ Don’t lick it! It’s dirty!

Levi’s body shuddered violently. In an instant, his throat grew so parched he nearly choked on his own sharp inhale. Yet what grew the most was, naturally, Levi’s unbearably hard, unbearably swollen lower half. Though its owner was very bent, his shaft was standing up as straight as a flagpole wishing to pierce the heavens, throbbing painfully with every heartbeat.

Levi’s original plan of slowly stripping off his baby’s briefs flew out of the picture in that instant. And so did the mentioned briefs. They slid down Noah’s pair of long, slender legs with rushed haste as if fleeing from a calamity, after which they shot off like a rocket to the unknown horizons of the condo.

Levi didn’t even stop a single moment to ponder over the fact that he had just tossed his darling’s panties to who knows where. In fact, if you asked him, he’d rather they were never found. That way, his baby’s everything would unavoidably be laid bare in front of his eyes, free for him to admire and feast upon.

Ironically, now that the said baby was naked and free for Levi to feast his eyes on, Levi preferred to feast his hands and mouth on him instead. Thus, instead of taking the time to admire the gorgeous sight in front of him, Levi scrambled to spread his baby’s knees apart so he could lie in between and happily continue playing with his baby’s lovely little bird.

Ah, the adorable little thing had now turned even more flushed! As if it was blushing in its bashfulness! (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)♥

It hung its head, leaking tears like it had been mercilessly bullied, its posture pleading pitifully for Levi’s attention, begging to be consoled and cherished.

‘Shush, be good~ ♥’ Levi internally cooed, ‘Your hubby is right here~’

In his infatuation, Levi even dropped a pious kiss on top of its head, as if to placate its restlessness.

But, heh, when did kissing that place ever succeed in “placating the restlessness”? What placating? Ah, one would find more success using oil to put out a fire!

What was supposed to be a loving, innocent gesture abruptly turned sinful when the lips of one parched Levi fell upon moist, tender flesh. Inevitably overcome with thirst, Levi’s mouth parted to slurp up all of the fragrant dew before his mind could even register what was happening.

Ai~ How would Noah’s already dissipating sleep be able to endure having his “little brother” treated like a popsicle by this naughty husband of his? Unsurprisingly, as soon as Levi’s warm and wet mouth closed around its head, its owner woke up with a high-pitched cry.

“Aaah!!” Noah’s back arched and he instinctively tried to close his spread legs, but his knees refused to move an inch as if welded in place. His second instinct was to cover his family jewels with his hands to shield them from the vicious attack. However, not only did his two wrists seem to be tied together above his head, but as soon as they rose up from the bed, they were pressed back down into the sheets by something intangible. He tried to sit up, but even before he could raise halfway, he was yanked back down, akin to a silly runaway puppy who forgot about his leash.

Hot, ragged breaths puffed up from Noah’s parted lips. His eyelashes fluttered furiously in their desperate attempt to clear the sleep away from his watery eyes. He shook his muddled head as if trying to kickstart his stalled brain that refused to tell him what the hell was going on.

Finally, after several seconds of useless writhing accompanied by whimpering gasps, Noah’s blank gaze focused onto the brazen “flower thief” lying on his elbows and knees in between Noah’s two legs – with the third one in his mouth. The two smoldering orbs of the said thief locked with Noah’s befuddled ones, and, in an infuriatingly provocative manner, the other’s naughty mouth released the slippery appendage with a loud, wet pop.

Not only did this rogue lack all shame despite being caught red-handed, but he even seemed pleased with himself! Simply an image of a proud cat that stole a big, fat fish!! He even felt the need to rub it in further – his mouth spread into a devilish smirk, and he licked his lips as if savoring the taste. “So sweet~”

In that instant, it was as if a bomb went off inside Noah’s head. With a resounding boom, what was left of his sleep went up in smoke, giving way to mortification.

With the reality of his current situation finally sinking in, Noah’s entire body laid petrified, his soul nearly leaping out of him in fright. Breath hitched in his throat, his heart stalled, and his eyes widened until they were completely round, looking as if they would fall out of their sockets.

And then, in the next moment, his stopped heart resumed its beat, going from stand-still to a wild gallop, making all of his blood rush into his head. A scarlet flush spread from the tip of his head to his cheeks, down his neck all the way to his curled toes. He was only a wee bit short of letting out steam from his neon pink ears!

Ah, ah!!! Levi–he…! He put that–that–that thing in his mouth!!! 😱 But…but…but…!!! It’s been the entire night since his last shower!

Feeling so ashamed he wanted to die, Noah’s already overheated brain finally crashed, and the uncensored words that came out of his mouth were: “Nooo~ Don’t lick it! It’s dirty!”

Levi had prepared himself to be rejected, shun, scolded, and even hit and kicked, but the one thing he hadn’t prepared his little heart for was this inhumane level of cuteness. Ah, ah! His baby woke up tied up and naked, with another man sucking his dick, yet his first thought was to worry that his little bird was dirty??

Fuck!!! How could he be so fucking adorable?!?

Astar Levi nearly died and ascended to heaven then and there. But he still didn’t forget to reassure his baby with utmost sincerity, “Not dirty. It’s very clean. It still smells of soap. Very fragrant.” Then, feeling like he still hadn’t sufficiently expressed how satisfied he was with his baby’s little bird, he added, “The taste is also light and fragrant. Refreshingly sweet. I like it very much.”

A fragrant and sweet baby Noah, “………”

In Levi’s defense, he wasn’t speaking nonsense. He wasn’t sure whether it was brain damage or what, but to him, his baby’s juices tasted like pure, crystalline dew collected by fairies from the petals of roses growing in the magical garden of Eden. An especially pleasing nectar that he would never get tired of drinking.

Noah’s eyebrow twitched, once, twice, unsure whether the other was serious or messing with him. Wasn’t that kind of liquid supposed to be salty? How did it become sweet? Was it something he ate?

No, wait! weren’t his priorities all wrong?!? How was the taste the main issue here?!?

Ah, ah! He… he had been stripped clean!!! Completely naked, ah! Both of them!!! This rogue of a husband of his… he…! Ah, he dared to take advantage of him while he was asleep!!! QAQ

The motionless baby Noah started to struggle, “You-you-you…!!” Shameless!! Scoundrel!!!

Levi didn’t give him a chance to finish his words. He gripped the base of Noah’s shaft with his left hand, popped it right back into his hungry mouth, and as soon as his lips closed around the sweet, sweet popsicle, he gave it one ruthless, wet suck.

Noah’s limbs turned into jelly mid-struggle, and the admonishments that were on the tip of his tongue turned into a loud gasp. “Ah!!!” His entire body shuddered as an intense wave of pleasure swept through it like a hurricane. The fingers of his tied hands clawed at the sheets above his head, his barely unfurled toes curled again, his just relaxed back arching once more.

With this single suck, all of Noah’s blood flooded downwards. Despite his great mortification, his honest little brother twitched inside Levi’s mouth and swelled up a size.

Levi’s smiling eyes glinted with what could only be victorious glee, both his slippery hot tongue and his hand wrapping around his baby’s length.

And Noah… Noah wanted to die then and there!

How shameful!!

His own response was too shameful!!! QAQ

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