Chapter 201

🔞🔞Drowsy little bird

Without further ado, this respectable S-ranked Enforcer used his noble powers to push Noah’s hands above his head, making one hand grasp the wrist of the other. After unclasping the wristband, Levi switched the target of his power to the communicator, making it fly into his own hand.

He had initially wanted to hide the communicator away in the far corner of the condo, but after seeing it had been set to silent mode, he decided to just stash it in the second drawer of the bedside table, right next to his own.

Levi hurriedly got off the bed right next to the bedside table.

After safely storing his baby’s communicator in the second drawer, he opened the first where he had put the equipment he prepared last night. Levi retrieved a sparkly pink bottle that looked like an expensive perfume at first glance. However, if one observed it more closely, one would notice that the liquid inside was too thick to be perfume.

Levi moved to close the drawer but then hesitated. Originally he hadn’t intended to use any special equipment for their first time, but remembering how sexy his baby’s fair skin looked with a black bracelet wrapped around it, Levi changed his mind. Ai, surely his baby wouldn’t mind if he decorated his thin wrists with some black silk?

The image evoked by the thought was enough to make Levi audibly gulp down his saliva.

Naturally, a moment later, this hungry wolf crawled back onto the bed with a pink bottle in one hand and a black silk ribbon in the other.

Levi temporarily placed the bottle down next to his baby, so he could use both of his hands to tie his baby’s wrists. However, faced with those lovely wrists, so fair even the blue veins were visible, Levi couldn’t help dropping a gentle kiss on top.

The soft skin against his lips was so warm and smooth, so perfect to the touch that before he knew it, one kiss turned into two, two turned into three, and soon enough, every inch of the two wrists had been showered by a rain of butterfly kisses.

The little one must have found the pecks ticklish because he let out a soft and sweet “mn”. His arms twitched, and he unconsciously tried to rub the afflicted area. But before he could succeed, Levi restrained his wrists, holding them together as he quickly tied them up in a loose knot with a lovely bow on top.

If Levi’s academy instructor knew that this law enforcement officer used the knowledge he had taught him not to secure ropes or restrain criminals but to tie up a defenseless sleeping beauty…ai, he might be angry enough to spit out blood and die on the spot.

Levi took a moment to appreciate his handiwork. His baby looked even better like this than when he had the wristband on!

Black silk on fair white skin. So devastatingly beautiful.

With the cute bow on top, the little one was simply a gift-wrapped present in the flesh!

Best present Levi had ever received in his entire life. ♥

Not wishing for the restraints to dig into his baby’s delicate skin, leaving red marks or causing his darling discomfort, Levi had intentionally tied the ribbon loosely. If the little one struggled against the bonds, the knot would easily unravel. After all, Levi’s intended purpose of the ribbon was decorative and wasn’t meant to restrain his baby.

Blackie: ‘Phew~ (  ゚ 3゚ )~ Good to know that you still haven’t fallen low enough to force yourself on a tied up and defenseless–‘

Levi: ‘If I wanted to restrain my baby, I’d just use my power. (︶‿︶)No fear of harming my precious. No hassle of tying and untying it.’

Blackie: “…” ಠ_ಠ

Blackie: ‘I should have known…’ (–_ლ)

Levi gave his baby’s wrists one last wistful look before sliding further down the bed until he came face to “face” with his darling’s briefs once again.

Now that the problem of the communicator had been dealt with, the only remaining matter in need of handling was this last piece of fabric in between him and his baby. Once his scrumptious prey awakened from his slumber, it would be much harder to get rid of this pair of panties.

Especially if his baby suddenly developed a severe case of shyness, holding on to his underpants for dear life. Which was very likely to happen.

And while seeing his darling clutching at his briefs with tears in his eyes, desperately trying to hide his family jewels from view, would both be adorable and mouth-watering, Levi’s goal was to make the following lewd activities as easy as possible for his baby to accept. Which meant he should remove any unnecessary variables from play, stripping away (literally and figuratively) all of the countless complicated choices until only a simple yes or no remained.

Levi’s eyes curved in delight like crescent moons, yet they shone even more resplendently than the sun as he gently tugged his baby’s tight little briefs down to release the drowsy little bird hiding within.

As soon as the fabric slid down, the little thing within peeked its pink head out of its shelter.

That one single peek was more than enough for Levi’s heart to receive another critical hit.

Ah, ah!! Look at how adorable it was!! So smooth and clean it even smelled of soap!

And it even…! It even…!

…slowly, timidly, raised its little pink head to look up at its liberator!

One innocent and pure, the other bold and wanton, both staring at each other silently.


Levi’s last shred of restraint snapped like a dry twig. If he couldn’t sate the unbearable urge to pet this cute little thing right now, he’d be better off dead!!!

As if it had a mind of its own, Levi’s right hand wrapped around the tempting little appendage. His fingers gave it a light squeeze, followed by a sensual stroke, while his thumb circled around the tip, spreading the crystalline dew around.

Feeling the rough texture of the digit stroking its sensitive head, the little bird shyly twitched and extended its neck further up, asking to be petted some more! This very honest reaction made the fiery, euphoric feeling within Levi’s chest swell so much he felt he would burst!

Ah, ah! This little thing was so fucking adorable it should be illegal!!! (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)♥

Blackie: (눈_눈) ‘…What if I told you that molesting an unconscious, barely-legal teen IS, in fact, illegal?’

Also Blackie: ‘Please continue.’ (ಡ艸ಡ)

The more Levi looked, the more captivated he became by his darling’s shy little member, which was currently sleepily leaking a few crystal tears from its eye. Teardrops, which suddenly made Levi’s throat parched, feeling as if no other liquid in this world other than that fragrant dew would be able to alleviate his thirst.

The more Levi touched, the more clearly he could feel that familiar soul-numbing pleasure pooling within him. More subtle than if he was the one being touched down there, yet the rapture that it brought forth was somehow… deeper. More complete. As if it originated from the very depths of his being, permeating through all of his senses, awaking levels of awareness he didn’t know he had.

A clear and constant reminder that his baby and him were connected on a far deeper level than anyone other than them would ever be able to understand.

Levi’s sleeping baby turned his flushed cheeks away with a slight furrow of his eyebrows. His eyelashes fluttered intensely, his lower half twitching with vigor. His quickly dissipating sleep was clearly hanging on by a single thread, stretched so thin it could snap at any moment. Still, its owner put up one final struggle to hold on to the dream – his pair of juicy pink lips quivered, releasing a whimpering, pleading meowl, as if he were a pitiful little kitten bullied by his owner until it had no choice but to beg for mercy.

Yet, ironically, it was exactly this one soft sound that made everything come crashing down, leaving nothing but devastation in its wake.

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Noah: “…Is this yours?” (⊙_⊙;)

The cold and face-paralyzed ML whose canine anima was currently preoccupied with humping Noah’s leg: (≖ ‸ ≖) “…No. Never seen it in my life.”


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