Chapter 200

🔞🔞No longer dead to the world

Levi used his power to gently push his darling, who had been lying on his side, to lie on his back instead. With this slight movement, the bed sheet covering the sleeping beauty slipped past his shoulders, down his chest, revealing the subtle yet gorgeous muscles underneath.

Exposed to the sudden chill, the two pink buds on the fair, smooth chest immediately stiffened.

When this alluring sight fell into Levi’s eyes, he couldn’t move his gaze away as if bewitched. His breathing sped up, his Adam’s apple rolled, and he swallowed hard. It took only a moment for the look in his eyes to turn from warm adoration to scorching hunger, from restrained anticipation to uncontrollable fervor.

He had initially moved with an inspiring and righteous notion of fulfilling his husbandly duties to satisfy his little wife, but his idea of indulgent and pure love couldn’t even last a second under the devastating temptation that was his baby.

How could it when it was exactly this love that was the most powerful fuel for desire?

Love and longing, perpetually feeding each other, intertwined so tightly it was impossible to tell where one stopped, and the other began. As if they had always been just two sides of the same coin – neither one could exist without the other. Only together would they be complete, transcending their limits to grasp at the perfection that laid beyond.

Just like Levi and his precious baby.

Levi’s fists balled in one second, and in the next, as if a beast swiping a great foe with his claws, he tore at the sheet covering the lower half of his lovely little husband. A single yank and the fabric flew off the bed, revealing tight gray briefs and long slender legs underneath.

Levi’s searing hot gaze roamed up and down the gorgeous scenery in front of him, his two eyes nearly burning holes into those cute little briefs. Oh, how he itched to strip them off!

Unable to restrain himself any further, Levi lunged on top of his lovely little husband, pinning the other’s body in between his own knees. Worried that the sensation of his hot, naked skin plastering itself against his darling’s equally as naked torso would wake the other up, Levi suspended himself on his arms above him.

Levi stared unblinkingly at the smaller body beneath him, his eyes still glued at the tantalizing two buds, trying his hardest to resist taking a nibble.

Levi’s heart thudded loudly within his chest, his hot breath puffing over the smooth expanse of flesh underneath, further stimulating the two perky little beads to stand up straight.

‘Good! Very good!’ He hasn’t even done anything yet, and his baby already had a reaction! What could possibly be more encouraging than this, eh?

It would seem that he had indeed chosen the right method to handle his naughty little wifey.

‘But… it’s still better to be sure’ – was what Levi told himself as he shifted his weight to his left arm so he could use the right to molest–ahem, confirm that his baby was no longer dead to the world.

Levi’s large, rough hand flew towards his baby’s briefs, his eyes locked on his baby’s angelic sleeping face, and then…!

He shamelessly rubbed his darling’s little package.

At that moment, a familiar tingle of pleasure shot up Levi’s spine – a tingle that had been absent last night. As expected, his baby’s long eyelashes slightly quivered in his sleep, followed by his hips unconsciously squirming around, unsure whether they wanted to avoid Levi’s naughty hand or press harder against it.

Devious mischief flashed within Levi’s eyes, and his tentative rub turned rougher. And with it, the little package showed signs of movement. Slow, but undoubtedly there.

Levi’s callused hand continued to stroke, once, twice, three times.  He even gave it a gentle pinch.

Finally, his baby’s body jolted, his lovely pink lips parted and a soft, nasally sound trickled out. A ticklish murmur that was somewhere between a coquettish moan and an adorable mewl.

Suffice to say, the moment this “seductive call of an incubus” entered the ear of this one “mere mortal”, Levi, all of the latter’s blood shot downwards.

Before Levi’s upper half could even comprehend what heavenly music it had just heard, his lower half was already standing up ramrod straight, as hard as a rock.

To be honest, saying that Levi’s pitiful defenses quickly crumbled under the “brutal” assault of his opponent wouldn’t be accurate. Saying that the piercing property of that “critical hit” ignored all defenses wouldn’t be quite right either.

To put it bluntly – this player’s resistance values to this type of attack were, very regretfully, so far down in the negatives that it was probably caused by an unchecked division by zero1.

‘It’s official! No doubt about it!’ His baby’s sleep was shallow enough to feel and respond to his touch!

The time had finally arrived for this ravenous wolf to finally eat meat–ahem, for this husband who was very much a man of his word to fulfill his promise of doing the little one until he woke up– no, no, um, what Levi meant to say was… uh, it was now time for this faithful husband to consummate his marriage with his lovely newly-wedded wife! (/≧ω\)

Yes! That’s right, he wasn’t a perverted rogue taking advantage of a defenseless maiden– youth! He was merely fulfilling his husbandly duty to properly service his spouse! (︶‿︶)

(Blackie: ‘Right, of course. (눈_눈) If nothing else at least your ability to bullshit is admirable.’)

The “admirable” Levi, inspired with what he perceived to be an honorable spirit of self-sacrifice, ignored his own painfully hard lower half and (very regretfully) pushed himself off his baby to sit next to him. As much as this restraint pained him, he knew that now was yet not the right time for him to feast upon this delicacy.

Levi forced his burning gaze away from the two pink nubs on his baby’s chest to lock on the thin and unobtrusive black band around the other’s fair wrist.

With his baby’s current state of undress, this single remaining accessory made the entire picture become several points sexier. In the eyes of this one wolf husband, this was practically a gay variant of stockings worn by a naked beauty.

Levi’s already hot temperature turned even hotter; his already heavy breaths turned even heavier.

Ai~ as opposed to the briefs, this thing, he was really reluctant to take it off!

But it had to go. Otherwise, it might start beeping each time he thrust into his baby later.

After all, the high-end models issued warnings and even automatically dialed the ambulance if there were problems with detected vital signs of their wearers.

Very useful during a heart attack. Very annoying during intense… exercise.

Of course, the settings could be adjusted, but Levi really didn’t have the time or patience to fiddle with them right now. It was still better to just remove it.

But how? The high-end models could only be unlocked by their wearers, and Levi doubted his baby would appreciate him cutting the band off.

Levi’s mind raced with more urgency than if he was trying to defuse a bomb. If he didn’t hurry, his baby would wake up!

Under this invisible pressure, Levi’s computing power made a breakthrough, surpassing the previous peak achieved in a confrontation of life and death.

Ai, it really spoke volumes about a man’s nature when getting some booty ranked higher than preserving his life on his list of priorities… Although, in Levi’s defense, this ravenous wolf really felt that if his critical operation failed, making him unable to dig his teeth into this juicy piece of meat, he’d die of starvation for real!

Whatever the case, the high stakes involved really helped push Levi’s usually rigid mind out of the box this time.

‘Aha!’ Levi’s blue eyes lit up, and he snapped his fingers, impressed by his own genius. Couldn’t he just use his force like telekinetic powers to control his baby’s hands and fingers? Ah, how good was it to be an Enforcer! He, Levi, must be the favorite child of the heavens!

I just noticed that some of you guys wondered why Levi didn’t suspect that there might be something wrong with Noah in the previous chapter when the other didn’t wake up. This made me realize I should have elaborated more on that. Communicators have a function to detect problems with their owners, and since Noah’s communicator wasn’t beeping an alarm, it meant that it couldn’t detect anything wrong with Noah.

Also, Noah wasn’t showing any outward signs of anything other than sleep. His body temperature was normal, his breathing was normal, his heart rate was steady. He wasn’t pale nor cold sweating. For all intents and purposes, he looked exactly the same as always when asleep. And considering that the little cabbage is a heavy sleeper, him being unresponsive wasn’t that strange. I can tell you from personal experience that if you catch a heavy sleeper in a specific phase of sleep, he might be completely unresponsive even if you slap or hit him.

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